The Inception of VoucherDekho

I have always been an admirer and an avid user of Credit cards, Debit cards and different banking products. Not very long ago, through my Jet Airways American Express credit card, I had a ‘One way base fare waiver’ voucher for any domestic flight ticket in India with a validity of 6 months. I did not have any plans to go anywhere in that time duration. And I definitely wouldn’t plan anything to just use that voucher. So I wanted to reach someone who would be travelling by air in near future. Obviously money was also a factor but more compelling reason was not letting the voucher wasted. Anyways, I could not find any medium to sell the voucher. As the expiry date was coming near, I was even willing to give it for free so that at least it would not be wasted (I would not get anything out of it anyway if it expires) but still could not find a user and a good voucher worth at least ₹2500 died in vain.

Similar thing happened with some of my JW Marriott dining vouchers too. I had few vouchers of ₹ 2500 for dining. Although I did not let those vouchers expire unused (How could I 😉 those were Marriott vouchers) but as I live in Delhi, I had to go to Aerocity just to utilize those vouchers multiple times. I was willing to give those vouchers for ₹ 2000 each. That was an instant benefit of 20% for anyone who was already going to dine in there. But as before, I was not able to find anyone to sell those vouchers.

All of those experiences made me think about a platform where people who have such vouchers and don’t want to use those vouchers or can’t use them before expiry, can sell them to ones who will. That’s when the inception of VoucherDekho happened. Wish you all Happy Savings !!

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