Why VoucherDekho is a win win for everyone

When it comes to money, it’s important to analyze that who is getting the most benefit or whether someone is getting into loss. Well, using VoucherDekho makes everyone a winner. Let’s see how! To understand it better, we will take an example of one targeted offer by American Express: “Get Taj Gift Card worth ₹20,000 when you spend ₹3,00,000 and above”.

In the whole process from starting an offer to using the offer voucher through VoucherDekho, there are 5 entities primarily involved, which are: 1. The offer providing bank (AmEx), 2. The offer redemption company (Taj Hotels) 3. The customer who achieves the voucher by fulfilling offer criteria (Voucher seller on VD) 4. The end user of the voucher (Voucher buyer on VD) & 5. The Voucher itself (Yes, we consider the voucher an entity itself). Now let’s understand the purpose of each entity. The offer providing bank wants its customers to transact more and increase its revenue. The Redemption company wants customers to experience their product and service to get more customers. The customer who fulfills the offer criteria wants to be rewarded for their spends. The end user wants to either save money or have a get new experience. Finally, a voucher’s purpose is to spread happiness and connect customers and companies together.

When a customer fulfills the offer criteria and gets a voucher in reward but fails to redeem that voucher, only offer providing bank achieves the purpose, no one else. But when a customer, for any reason whatsoever, can not redeem the voucher But sells it on VoucherDekho, the cycle completes and everyone wins. Everyone fulfills their purpose and the voucher doesn’t die in vain. And that’s what our purpose is here at VoucherDekho.

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