Earn Money Through Flipkart

Shopping!! a word which excites many of us.  But what if we say you can save or earn money from your shopping?

All of us like to do shopping. Some do a lot of shopping while others do a limited or required shopping. Nowadays, the concept of shopping online is more used and widely accepted. The traditional market is also available on big shopping platforms. Due to the change in the shopping style, many of the Local market merchants have also shifted to online from offline.

Being listed on online platforms not only increases the exposure to potential customers, it also increases competition a lot. There are many giant e-commerce platforms who give attractive offers to lure customers. This includes giving customers cashback, reward points or super coins, upfront discounts etc.

Let’s talk about Flipkart. When you make any purchase with Flipkart, you get rewards in the form of supercoins. For every hundred rupees you spend, you get 2 supercoins. There is membership of Flipkart which gets you more supercoins. If you are a Flipkart plus member, you earn 4 supercoins on every hundred rupees spent.

Did you know that you can use these supercoins and exchange them for money? When did you check your supercoins balance last? Are you aware that the supercoins expire after a year they get credited into your account? Let’s put supercoins to earn for you. The process is very simple. You need to login to your Flipkart account. Open the supercoin zone and scroll down to the rewards section. There will be a section with headline “claim exclusive rewards from our partners.” Buy those vouchers using your supercoins and mail them to us.

So whatever supercoins you have earned till now from your shopping on Flipkart, can make money for you.

Can you believe that you can earn money on the shopping you have already done?

Let us know in the comments if you find this useful.

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