VoucherDekho is a platform where people who don’t want to or can’t use vouchers that they have, can sell vouchers to the people who can utilize them. And the vouchers don’t die in vain, they also get to fulfill their life’s purpose i.e. Give Benefit to their owners.
Today, there are so many offers with Credit Cards, Banks, Merchants, online shopping and Memberships. Although it is not always possible to use all the vouchers a customer has. Such users sell their vouchers on VoucherDekho for cash. Also, there are people who are spending money on the same stuff. Such people buy those vouchers and save money on their expenses. Thus making everyone a winner.
To sell your vouchers on VoucherDekho, there are two ways. First, you can register on the site and apply to become a seller. Then you will get an email with the instructions on how to list your vouchers on VoucherDekho. Alternatively, you can send your voucher details on sell@voucherdekho.com and our team will take care of the process.
If you are not going to use the voucher or it is going to expire before you are going to use it, there are two benefits of selling it. First, you get the money by selling it and second, someone saves the money by using it.
Your payment will be released to you after 15 working days from the date of taking your voucher credentials. In case of Physical vouchers, the payment is released after 3 days of receiving the voucher at VD office. We keep this time buffer to ensure a smooth and safe experience for both buyers and sellers.
All payments are to be made at the time of placing the order. At VD, we do our best to make all users experience a pleasant one. Your money is always safe with us.
In that event, if voucher credentials have already been sent to you, a return is not possible to process. However, if voucher credentials have not been sent to you, we are happy to replace your voucher with the right one.
We take utmost care in assuring that vouchers sent to you are in working condition. However, in such an event, you must contact us regarding the same within 10 days since the date of purchase and we will do our best to resolve the issue. Any requests after the designated time period will not be accepted.
The expiry date of every voucher is clearly mentioned in the voucher credentials. In an unlikely event where a voucher shows expiry before mentioned date, you must contact us regarding the same within 10 days since the date of purchase. We will send you a new voucher after verifying the voucher credentials. Any requests after the designated time period will not be accepted.
We do not take voucher credentials i.e. voucher code, PIN etc. at the time of listing the voucher on the website. Once the voucher is sold and the payment has been made, we ask for the credentials. It is seller’s responsibility to keep voucher’s credentials confidential up to 15 days from the date of sharing the credentials with VD, to avoid any misuse and disputes. Also, voucher credentials are ONLY to be shared via email on vouchers@voucherdekho.com. A customer, in any case, should not share voucher credentials via any other medium.
Any voucher that has a direct redeemable value against it, can be sold on Voucher Dekho. Vouchers that offer fixed or percentage discount, cannot be sold or bought on the site. Either virtual or physical, only vouchers that carry a fixed value, are sold on Voucher Dekho.
If you are a credit card, banking, online shopping and technology enthusiast, there are so many ways to earn money with Voucher Dekho. We have a lots of articles on how to earn money with VD in our Blog. Register yourself today, Follow us on social media and Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates about new vouchers and blog posts about earning methods below:
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